Q: What's the purpose of this site?
A: This is a place for me to throw any random website I feel like making, plus to host a couple of my friends. And for hosting random images and files I want to show people.

Q: What's 'Patteroast' mean?
A: Patteroast is my all-purpose pseudonym. My real name is Patrick. It comes from a friend calling me "Patté-roast" as a random thing. Using it in different places quickly made using the é and - impossible, so I just lumped it into one word. Other names I've used around the 'net are Patrick Blah and Anim0rph2. And Setebos, a few times. I might have a secret one, too... but if I told you about it, it wouldn't be secret, now would it?

Q: How did you make this website?
A: Notepad. Seriously. I always like to have complete control over my website, even if it ends up having an exceedingly simple layout. I made all the images using Paint and IrfanView. Not exactly the highest quality in the world, but they work. And I personally think a lot of the buttons look good. :)

Q: The secret website/Bungus/OMFG is down, or the link is broken.
A: Actually, those intentionally point to nowhere. The original draft of the main page was nothing but a few links to the sites I had uploaded on a blank page. I wanted to test out if my 404 error page worked, so I added a link to 'the secret site'. When I fixed the site up, I felt like keeping it as a bad joke. Note that the last update is February 30th. Next year. Also, I think at some point the 404 page stopped working. So now it's just there because I'm lazy.

Q: Why did you made a button for the secret website?
A: Boredom.


Q: Uh.. why do you have a message board for such a small site? Nobody will use them.
A: Yeah, I just felt like wasting space. But they might end up being used someday, and then the few people who post now would be super-oldbies. Wouldn't that be fun?

Q: AniRPG forums? What's Anirpg?
A: That's top secret, sorry. Okay, not really. Anirpg is just my group of friends. Originally, we all went to the same chat room on AOL named Animorphs RPG, which was usually referred to as AniRPG. Originally people role played there, but it soon became our personal room where we met up and talked about random shiz. The chat kind of died, but we're still friends, and Anirpg went from being the name of the chat to the name of the group.

Q: "Bumeater Attack Victims Unit"? What the fuck?
A: Bumeater's an inside joke in Anirpg. Basically, someone made the remark one day that a >=3 emoticon looks like a guy eating a bum. So.. Bumeater.

Q: I don't get it.
A: You're not supposed to. Don't try.


Q: Wasn't there a site with a different name there before...?
A: Yes! Everything's the Same is the new version of my lyrics site, which previously went by the name Some Fantastic.

Q: Why the name Everything's the Same?
A: I'd really gotten tired of the name Some Fantastic, as I don't like that song as much as I used to, and about four other sites were using it, too. So... I was messing around with a new design experiment, and a new album called The Vanity Project came out. I liked it. A lot. So I took one of the song titles, since that's easier than coming up with one myself. :P It's also a comment on the new version of the site.. really, it's all the same info. Just in a nice, new, shiny package.

Q: Why was the name Some Fantastic, before?
A: It's named after what was at the time of the original version of the site one of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs. And it went well with the title. "Some Fantastic BNL Fansite". It's got a ring to it. As several other people who used it probably noticed.

Q: Who are Barenaked Ladies?
A: Barenaked Ladies are my favorite band. They are five rather normal guys from near Toronto in Canada who just happen to be rock stars. My favorite description of their genre is "pop-rock fantasia." They have an eclectic mix of sounds, and are just all-around awesome. So, I liked them so much that I decided to make a website with all their lyrics. Yep.

Q: Are they the Chickety China guys?
A: Go to hell, plz.

Q: Okay.. well, who are The Brothers Creeggan?
A: The Brothers Creeggan are BNL bassist Jim Creeggan, former BNL pianist/percussionist Andy Creeggan, and Ian McLauchlan. They play fun, jazzy music, and have four albums out.

Q: How about Kevin Hearn and/or Thin Buckle?
A: BNL keyboardist Kevin Hearn's side project. He and his band Thin Buckle have two albums out, although they pretty much all played on his solo album, too, so I usually could that as a Thin Buckle album. But that's just me.

Q: And The Vanity Project?
A: BNL lead singer Steven Page's side project. An album of songs written by him and his friend Stephen Duffy.

Q: You're missing a lot of pages. There's almost nothing up for The Brothers Creeggan or unreleased Barenaked Ladies songs.
A: Yeah, I know. I don't just copy the lyrics verbatim from another source, I verify them personally, and make sure they're totally consistant with the actual recording. The reason I haven't gotten around to the unreleased BNL stuff and the Bros Creeggan is that there are no liner noted to compare to, and quite a lot of the lyrics are rather indechipherable. Don't worry, they'll get up eventually.

Q: Why are there notes on the bottom of the pages for the songs from Everything to Everyone and the upcoming BNL album?
A: Some Fantastic started before ETE came out. I collected any mentions of songs form their Blog and put them together, so people could see all the info available on what the songs would be like. And I kept them afterwards. And then when they started to post new information about the songs they're currently working on, I started doing it again. ::shrug:: Why not? More info.

Q: I heard you're going to let people submit reviews and interps. How can I do that?
A: Unfortunately, I know nothing of of website design beyond HTML. So.. interactivity and submissions are way beyond me. Anyone who'd be willing to help me with that would be my hero, but in the meantime there's no submissions to the site. I mean, if you want to, you could email stuff to me and I could post it, but that's very inefficient.. Anyway, SOMEDAY I'd like it to be a fun place for people to submit and read reviews and interpretations of BNL's (And the Bros Creeggan's and Thin Buckle's and the Vanity Project's) fun songs.

Q: So, what did it look like when it was still Some Fantastic?
A: Don't tell anyone, but it still might be online at, so people with old bookmarks can still find the current site.


Q: Uh.. what's up with the name?
A: Well, the names used to be SCIENCE: A Subsite. So I figured going back to being untitled would be good. I need a new name, but I think the random description of the site might have stuck.. I might keep it as the title.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: I've always loved planetary astronomy, especially when dealing with the moons of the outer planets. There are very few consistantly good places to find info about both the larger better known moons and the small, more newly discovered ones. I wanted a site that could do that. Maybe someday...

Q: Uh.. wow, you're a nerd.
A: Uh.. wow, no shit. Now kindly go to hell. :)

Q: Why is there so little info on each object?
A: I've had some problems figuring out a sysem to list more info. And I'm not very good with prose, so I doubt it'll be more than a list of figures anytime soon.

Q: What's up with all the random list pages?
A: I liked the whole compare-at-a-glance idea, so I made them. ::shrug::

Q: What's BoC stand for?
A: Best of Cassini. It's one of the little comparison pages.. and I update it very often. So I started shortening it to BoC when listing that it was updated.


Q: Archive of what? Where's all this random shit from?
A: It's an archive of Anirpg stuff. Mostly mine, but lots of other people's stuff is either there or waiting for me to put it up. The archive used to be part of an older website I ran called

Q: Home sweet ho? What the hell?
A: That stems from a bad joke involving part of a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Calvin got cut off by Hobbes halfway through saying home, but it kinda looked like he was coming home to his ho. Yeah. Funny.

Q: What's up with all those damn wavs?
A: Anirpg was pretty boring at times. AOL lets you play sounds in chats, so people would make random stuff and send it to everyone and play it.

Q: Can you put this wav I made in the archive?
A: Probably not. It's an archive of anirpg stuff, and stuff I personally think is good enough. If you have something really funny, you can send it to me if you want, but the only way it'd end up in the archive is if I liked it enough to save it and play it a lot. If I did put it in, I'd credit you.

Q: How about the visual section? What's up with that?
A: More anirpg boredom. Sending random gifs to each other. They're really all inside jokes and/or really stupid.

Q: Uh.. text section?
A: Although I haven't done it in a while, I used to write poetry quite often. Also, there are some short story type things there, too. Not all mine. But the poetry all is.

Q: And the quotes?
A: I spontaneously started an email newsletter in 2001 for funny quotes. Other people started their own, and it became a fad for a while. It ran for about two years before totally dying out. Somewhere like 600 total issues of all the different newsletters, so I have a long way to go.


Q: Why this one?
A: I was taking a photography class, and was trying to show my teacher some pictures I'd taken with my digital camera for extra credit. So I uploaded them to my site and.. yeah. Then I added more, and that led to more, etc. Thus, it quickly became a PILE of photos. ;) (This is another site I need a title for.)

Q: Did you take all these?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of camera did you use?
A: A Fujifilm FinePix 2650 Digital Camera.

Q: Where are they taken?
A: Around my house, family's houses, friends' houses, random places I've gone, etc.

Q: Who are the people in some of those pictures?
A: Nobody you know. Friends and family. None of your business who they are. :)

Q: How do you decide when to start a new gallery?
A: When I feel like clearing the memory on my camera to make room and dump everything into a new folder.

Q: Why are some galleries so empty, or totally empty (gallery one)?
A: Not very many good pictures. None in the case of gallery one. Or, if it's one of the last half dozen, I just haven't gotten to them yet.

Q: Why did you start at zero?
A: The first batch used a picture card with much less memory, so I put that in a different folder. It just fit to call it zero, since it was before one.

Q: Why is there a big black bar at the bottom/side of some of the more recent pictures?
A: For a long time, the LCD screen on the back of my camera didn't work. So finally I bring it in to be repaired. When I got it back, it put black bars on the bottom of all my pictures. Lucky me, huh? ;)


Q: What the crap is this?
A: This is the fungame. It used to be in the stuff folder, but it started to get annoying linking to each game individually, so I put them all together into their own subsite.

Q: Why the hell is it called 'Eat Poop You Cat'?
A: Honestly? I have no fucking clue. I came across a page about the game on Wikipedia when the name caught my eye, and then I went to a website about it.. and it looked really fun. So I tried it. And it was. I like to think that the name was a caption to a picture in one of the first games played.


Q: What's City of X?
A: City of X is short for City of Heroes/City of Villains. They are two sides of one MMORPG that I enjoy very much. In it, you can be a superhero or a supervillain, and fight enemies. If you're a hero, you'll rescue people, foil evil plots, and help other heroes. If you're a villain, you'll kidnap people, steal things, and try to accrue personal power. There are hundreds of different missions one can take on, dozens of contacts to meet, fifty different security levels, dozens of areas to protect/destroy, etc. A huge amount of content.

Q: Ooh! You have a level 50? Will you give me free influence? Want to join my super group? Will you power level me? Getting from level 2 to level 3 is really tough...
A: I don't think so, Tim.


Q: What is Stutterbox Studios?
A: A not-so-major film studio (okay, there's no studio) that produces some of today's finest films (or maybe a few clips on the internet) and employs the greatest talent available (variest between one to five people!)

Q: Uh... okay.
A: No, I'm kidding. Stutterbox Studios is the name that a friend of mine releases video game videos under. Mostly things of us finding nice lines on Tony Hawk skateboarding games, but also lots of random things that seem to involve lots of dancing.

Q: How do you make the videos?
A: My friend is the one who actually makes them. For the THPS videos, we come up with the cool lines together, we do them online (mostly him, because he's a much better player than I am), he captures the video, edits, and compresses them. We've both had lots of fun with them. I've also tried my hand at making some, but I don't have a capture card of my own, so that's a problem.. so far all I've done is editted together scraps of unused footage to make a video, but I'd be interesting in making my own someday.

Q: Where can I see the videos?
A: Well, the best place to go would be my friend's site, If you're looking for something that you can't find there, I'm sure one of us would be happy to send what you're looking for if you asked nicely.

Q: So... why did you make a website about this?
A: Well, I was bored, and when I'm bored I like compiling info on random things. So I made lists of who appeared in how many shots in each of the videos. And then I took some screenshots. And then a website just sort of... happened. The idea is to have interesting looks into the making of each video. I was heavily influenced in the design by Bitter Films' website.

Q: Why is it mostly blank...?
A: Inspiration didn't last long enough. I'll probably work on it again someday.


Q: What's Remnants?
A: A middle reader book series by KA Applegate that I enjoyed very much. The world ends in the first book. Then the real trouble starts.

Q: What the hell does the title mean?
A: Short for The Morpher Society - Remnants, as it was originally a subsite of my other website The Morpher Society. See its section for explaination on it.

Q: When did you make this site?
A: I made TMS-R while Remnants was being published. It's over now, but I had stopped updating a long time ago.

Q: Is this website of any use?
A: Actually, now as a Remnants archive I have rather complete listings of some info not listed anywhere else that I'm aware of. Mainly the chapter-by-chapter listings, but also the scans of the spines.

Q: Who cares about the spines?
A: I dunno. People were very interested in them when the books were coming out for some reason. They were often very nasty colors.

Q: Who's your favorite Remnant?
A: D-Caf.


Q: What the hell?
A: Okay.. where to start.. it's a website about my role playing group, The Morpher Society.

Q: ... what the fucking hell?
A: It's based on Animorphs, and takes place in the Animorphs universe at the same time as the events of the series. Well, some things might have made it AU, but still.

Q: What the.. uh.. what's Animorphs?
A: Another book series by KA Applegate. By far her most popular, it even had its own TV show, albeit a bad one. It was published from 1996 to 2001. It's about kids who can change into animals to fight aliens. Sounds very hokey, but it deals with a lot of dark situations, and in the end is a war story.

Q: Um.. okay. Now what was that bit about uh..
A: Role playing? Yeah. It all started with a role playing group in 1999. There's a more detailed history on the site.

Q: What's with the 'Books' section?
A: That's a fanfiction series based on the RP group. It's stalled out, but I intesnd to have it be the canon for the group's history.

Q: Er.. what's with the giant treefort?
A: Not sure. Just kinda happened. Originally it was just a kids' treehouse, but after it became so huge, we figured it must be protected by the Ellimist, like the Hork-Bajir valley. It went from a meeting place to where the characters spend most of their time, and in some cases literallly live.


Q: Are there any other subsites?
A: Kinda. I've got stuff at all of the following:,,,, and probably some other places.

Q: What's for?
A: That's a place for me to dump random shit I want to have online for various reasons. Go ahead and look around for now, but I'll probably block it off from random snooping later.

Q: What the HELL? is.. what the hell?
A: Don't ask. Random layout experiment combined with a joke.

Q: How about the chat?
A: That's a gratuitous waste of space. It really sucks.

Q: Er, shatpile is nothing.
A: Yeah. It's a redirect to a folder on my old geocities site that I use to put more random files. I don't want people snooping there. Sorry.


Q: So. Who are you, anyway?
A: My name's Patrick Voytasovich. I'm from Bloomington, Minnesota, and am currently 19 years old and am a college student. I plan to continue my education, and am currently working on an Associate of Arts degree with emphases in mathematics and physics. I want to have an academic career. I'm interested in science, and find a lot of random weird stuff funny and/or fun.

Q: How long have you been making websites?
A: My first website was created in January 1999. It was quite horrible. I kept it up for posterity, here. Since then I've made dozens of sites, mostly through Angelfire. Most were pretty empty, but a few had content. My main site during my angelfire period was first made in 1999 as 'Patrick's Site', but by the end of that year it had become The Morpher Society. It was my main collective, incorporating all sorts of random stuff I wanted to do. Besides the TMS itself, three current subsites started as subsites of TMS: TMS-R, Some Fantastic, and the Science Type Thing. Only TMS-R had much content while TMS was the main site, though.
I did my thing with Angelfire for a few years, but wanted to move out and get my own domain. Finally, in 2002, I registered I moved all my subsites there, keeping a few under TMS, but a few expanded on their own. I had a main site with info about Anirpg, and hosted quite a few friends. The archive is from, and I first posted Bumeater's site there, too.
But then, my wonderful hosting, well.. disappeared. Without a trace. I was rather pissed, but there wasn't anything I could do. It wasn't until 2003 that I became desperate to have my stuff back on the web, so I uploaded some of my stuff to some Geocities space I hadn't known I had. Some Fantastic grew rapidly there, and reached its peak popularity. The Science Type Thing also grew, and I created the Photo Pile. Also, I built up a huge amount of miscellaneous files in the 'Shatpile'.
In 2004 I decided to try buying hosting one more time. I got, and the rest is history. :)

Q: Has anything interesting happened since you've been running
A: Well, in late December 2004, the host I was at merged with another and they accidentally deleted everything off the server I was on. Oops. Eventually I gave up on the crappy service I was getting and moved to a different host, but of course my domain name was in the hands of a defunct company. So for several months during summer 2005 I was without the domain name. But it's back now. :)

Q: Do you have any new websites in the works?
A: I don't have much in terms of brand new sites lined up, but I do have a few new versions of current ones going. TMS 3.0 has been in progress for.. forever. Years, literally. I wouldn't hold your breath. Science Type Thing 2.0 is just started, but I have a good plan for it, and progress is coming quick.
For the new versions, I worked from the version of the website that was current when I started, keeping all content in place, which is a very messy way to work. It quickly gets out of date, missing more recent updates or sections. It also makes it harder to work with new orginization. But on the other hand, there's a lot of time saved that would otherwise be spent rewriting old content. For Science Type Thing 2.0, I'm working from scratch.
Also, Bumeater's site is officially in progress, although I doubt I'll ever do anything with it. The Archive is pretty in-progress.. as is Fungame. Also, an example of a website I'm working on off-site is Tom's World, the homepage of one of my TMS characters.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: My primary email is It's very nifty, and if you email me with a nice comment on my site, I might even give you one of my gmail referrals so you can get your own account. My other main email is For both of those I have little client things that tell me when I get new emails, so (unless you get trapped in a spam filter) I should get back to you immediately. I can still be reached at my old email at, but I don't think you should. Other ways to contact me include IMing me: My AIM screen name is InsaneRemnant, and I'm almost always on. I'm on almost as often on MSN Messenger with the email My Yahoo! Messenger ID is tmspatrick. My Skype name is patteroast. If you still can't get ahold of me, go to the forum and leave me a message there.

Q: I have a question not listed here.
A: Send it to me, and I'll answer it. :)

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